Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Solving India's overpopulation

Among the subjects related to the environment, overpopulation is an important aspect. This is why the India’s overpopulation has caught my attention in the writer’s workshop class. Overpopulation is defined as the condition of having too many people living in a particular area. India is considered as the second most populated country in the word with 1.13 billion people (Rosenberg, 2007). It has 16% of the world’s population and occupies no more than 2.4% of the total dry land (Tradechkra, n.d.). In spite of the fact that India’s population policy is older than that of the other countries, the Indian rapid growth had been a fear since early 1952 (Haud, 2002). Nowadays population growth is considered as a problem, particularly Indian population growth, because not only do demographers trust that China’s population will be surpassed by India by 2030 while Chinese population will start dropping (Rosenberg, 2007), but also the population growth causes first more pressure on the economic resources of India, second more unemployment, and third malnutrition of children (Tradechkra, n.d.).

Some people point out that India’s overpopulation is a result of religious’ teaching drawing a correlation between religion and the population growth. While other people who have deeply thought about the problem see the problem differently, for example, Puniyani (2004, par.7) who said,” The rise of population is more an index of poverty and lack of education rather than the teaching of any religion. And no religious community is spread uniformly all over India”. For a better understanding of India’s problem, those numbers are important, “almost 40% of Indians are below 15 years of age, 70% people live in village and the remaining in towns and cities” (Trade Chakra, n.d., par. 1). Also four mains reasons have been presented to explain why the growth of this population. The first reason is illiteracy; the second reason is the belief that a male child is a godsend because in Indian’s custom, the bride’s parents have to pay money the groom’s parents (Wax, 2008). The third reason is women’s early marriage in rural areas (Trade Chakra, n.d,). The last reason is the declining of death rate because of better medical accessibilities. In order to control the population the government had taken several measures for example, “subsidized birth control pills and condoms are being distributed, but most emphasis has been on sterilizations” (The New York Times, 1982, par. 3), persuading people to use contraceptives in order to avoid pregnancy and discouraging child marriage (Trade Chakra, n.d.), but the population is still growing up.

Nowadays, India’s overpopulation is serious problem, because of its consequences and its importance. Three solutions that I consider very helpful can be used to decrease the population growth and solve the problem. First, the government should increase the education’s accessibility, second the government should improve the social system, and also the government should give more opportunities to Indian’s women.

Education is one means to solve the problem of overpopulation in India. According to the data from the World Bank little data book 2004, 55% of Indians’ women were illiterates; however to the total average of the India’s population which are illiterates is 39% (Free world Academy, n.d). In fact, illiteracy is a barrier when the government wants to promote development. “Education is the only way to favor family planning acceptance” (Free world Academy, n.d). More investment in education is necessary to face the future demand of qualified workers for this next century. There is a need of more private schools to balance problems in public school, and increase the access of education, for example give more facilities to those who are able to open new school (primary, high school, vocational school). The nations which are very developed and where people have better life conditions such as Canada, France invest in education. “Only mass education can alleviate poverty in getting a higher growth rate” (Free world Academy, n.d.). One way to find the money to invest in India’s education is a redistribution of the public resources which is used for the army, also a fiscal reform will bring money to education by more contribution of the higher class, those who have more money. (Free Academy, n.d.).

Second, improving the social system, people in India should have better access to some services, as healthcare, better retirement. Healthcare should not only include facilitation for people to visit a physician when people are sick but also emphase family planning, helping families to have access to different contraceptives methods, and then they can choose the best methods for themselves, the one which fits their needs. For, “The decisions about childbearing and contraceptive fulfil a person’s needs only when they reflect individual desires and their values and are based on accurate and relevant information and are medically appropriate” (Prakasam, 2003, par. 2), because government or physician can not predict which method will fit the population, as we know, human organism reacts differently for each person when using medicine. Also, there are many religions in India, depend on the belief, the perception for such a method that many persons consider efficient may not be use for other person because of their beliefs. It is the same for food, there are some foods that a lot of people enjoy, but other consider impure. The government should work in order to have a better retirement for those who are not able to work, because most of the poor people believe that they should have more children, in order to take care of them when they will not be able to work. If the social system offer good retirement for those are able.

The government should also give more opportunities to Indian’s women; when we consider the importance of Indian’s women in its history, “In India, women were urged by men to take to the streets during the country's struggle for independence from Britain” (Wax, 2008). Indian’s men believed that they needed the women to reinforce the battle against England. Women are victim’s inequality in many aspects such as education and healthcare (Wax, 2008). Changes should start by considerate female birth in India differently, some changes in the society thinking about male and female. “According to a study published in the British medical journal the Lancet in 2006, almost 10 million female foetuses were aborted in India in the preceding 20 years. The practice -- outlawed, though the law is seldom enforced -- is on the rise partly because more people can afford sonograms” (Wax, 2008). It is true that male and female are different, but they are complementary. Any society can survive without a balanced between male and female. If the entire world was male, how would people reproduce? Divya Kulshreshtha, head of Smile Foundation mobile women’s health clinic was quoted as saying "If India is really going to become a world superpower, it has to stop killing its girls in the womb. If India wants to shine, then its women should be allowed to shine" (Wax, 2008, par. 16). In ancient time Indians’ girls did not have access to education and were married early, so now, women who have jobs and earn money can wait to get married because they are not economically dependent (Wax, 2008). The fact is the sooner a woman get married the earlier she starts having babies, if women can find more jobs’ opportunities, the childbearing is will delay, as end result less children will be born. In many countries, women have jobs and also take care of their family; more opportunity for Indians’ women will affect significantly the population growth.

As I have shown, increasing education’s accessibility, increasing the social system, and giving more opportunities to Indian’s women are three helpful solutions to solve India’s overpopulation. As the example of China, India’s overpopulation can be solved. We, people, can solve our problems if we keep a positive attitude and work hardly.

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

My first day in Carbondale

Some people do not like to travel, while other people like to travel, in order compare places, countries or their cities with others that they I have been to. I am from Haiti, a tropical country. When I was in country, I lived in Carrefour, a city near Port-au-Prince which is the capita city. So now, I’m living in Carbondale, but believe it or not, living here is not an easy matter, because, it means to leave far from my country, my family, my friends, and those who share my everyday life. I want to share my experience that I think will be part of my whole life. Let me share with you, my first day in Carbondale and what I learn since I am here.I arrived in Carbondale, early on Sunday on January 10th. When I woke up in the morning, it was around 8:30 am, because I was very tired after this long trip from Port-au-Prince to Miami, and then from Miami to St Louis. As I usually do when I visited a new place, I wanted to do a tour of the place by my own, discover the city. When I went out the dormitory, even though I get a map, I walked from the North to the South, from the West to the East, but I could not find my way. I was very disappointed, because, I did not visited a campus before.Walking in Carbondale’s street was like a maze for me. After walking during half an hour, I, finally, decided to go back to the dormitory and waited for a student that I met during the trip from St Louis to Carbondale. She promised to help me with some procedures, because she is also international. This Sunday, I wanted to call home, because I wanted to talk to my mother, my fiancée, my friends, but I did not either have a cellular phone or know where to buy international cards. It was the first time in y life that I felt like isolated. This morning, I really miss home, the cold weather on my skin. It was like I dreamed a dream, not because I did not want to come to study in USA. To be frank, I wanted to go abroad to have my Master, but the reason was, as a human there nowhere someone may feel more comfortable than home, with his family, his friends. Since I am here I have experimented different feelings, tasted different dishes, and I had tried to remember some cooking’s recipes that I learnt from my mother. Sometimes when things seem to be very difficult, I think about home and sing some Haitian songs. So, I know that I learn a lot of new stuff, because there are lot of things which different here in USA, particularly in Carbondale, from my country, for example taxi and bus’s service, houses’ rent. I have to do almost all things by myself, manage my time, and stay in God’s presence. Overall I think, the experience at CESL is good, it is a prelude to American’s universities.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Some people think that Facebook is bad; other people believe that the social network is a time-waster, because anybody can write anything he or she wants about everything. However other people think that what Facebook have is very helpful and interesting. I, myself, am a member of this New World of those who are using Facebook daily, and I believe that Facebook is important, because, it can be used to keep in touch with friends, It can be used to learn some interesting things, and it facilitates people’s keeping contact with the world’s progress.

Facebook is important, because it can be used to keep in touch with friends, and allow friends around the world to know where they are or what they are doing. For example, Now, I have some friends from Angola, Zimbabwe, Congo, Pakistan, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Mongolia, Vietnam, Cuba, Venezuela, and Uruguay. I met them when I went to Changchun, in the North-East of China in 2007 for a workshop, so we have become friends. Facebook facilitates me to stay in constant contact with them and know what they are doing, their family, and how they show some picture about their activities. Last year, one of my friends who lives in Canada shared some pictures of his wedding in Facebook; it was very nice to see how his wife and he looked, then ten months later, it was the pictures of his beautiful son that he shared. In this way, we know what each other are becoming.

I also think that Facebook is important because it can be used for us to be able to learn some interesting things about some people or some places. On Facebook, there are some people who talked about bad experiences that they had; I think it is important to read about those experiences, and I am sure that people can learn something very helpful, in order to be more careful in the future. For example, there is a girl who talks about how she lost her first baby and how her husband and friends helped her to lift up. People can learn a lot about this situation and use her story to help someone else, particularly their friend.

At last, I think Facebook facilitates people’s keeping contact with the world’s progress, because nowadays scientific discoveries are going so fast that someone who is in constant contact with technological progress can wake up one day and not able to do anything, for example buy things. In the past if someone wanted to buy something abroad, it was very complicated and it took a lot of time, but now, someone who lives in Africa can order whatever he wants with his credit card. Last month, I wanted to buy a new hard drive for my computer, and then I went online and found which company sold the model compatible with mine, and used my card to order the hard drive. A friend of mine on Facebook had the same problem; he told me that and then I gave her the company website to buy her hard drive. I think someone who does not want to stay behind, knows how this world is changing, and uses this new technology to his advantage will have a lot of problem.

In conclusion, Facebook is important, because first it can be used to keep in touch with friends, second can be used to learn some interesting things about people or some places, and third facilitate people to keep contact with the world’s progress. This New World is interesting; we can use it to withdraw the maximum output with carefulness.

A time in my life

When I consider the ways that God operates in my life, what he did for me, I want to praise him for his great mercy. I want to talk about one of the special moment in my life were I was very anxious. It was before I was nominated to receive a Fulbright scholarship. But God acted so miraculous in my favour. I think that is one of the great testimonies of God’s presence acting in my life. Previous to that let me start by giving a preview of how things were going for me before God acted in my favour. I am graduate student; in my undergraduate program I have studied Rural Engineering. I have worked for some Non Governmental Organizations during one and half year in different places around Haiti (North-west, South-east, and Artibonite). I was offered the possibility to work as an assisting teacher in State University of Haiti for the College of Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine. I worked there, but I was not satisfied with the Diploma. I wanted to have a Master in my field of study, but there was a problem. The institutions which offer Masters Degree in the field of study I was interested in are foreign universities. During two years I have applied in many scholarship programs in France, OAS, Japan, Belgium and Canada, but nothing seems work for me. Last year I had an admission at Gembloux University in Belgium, but I did not find the support for pay for the study. I felt so bad after this time that I wonder if I would be able continue. It was like, when you are in a hole, you try to get out, but everything you do seem complicated the situation, like things are getting worse. I desired to go abroad to study, to get a Master Degree, to be more competitive in the job market and serve my country. It was in May, a friend of mine encouraged me to apply for the Fulbright scholarship. I applied for the scholarship; however there were many steps before the nomination for the scholarship. The first step was the pre-selection for an English exam, and then the selection for an interview, and the last was the nomination. Believe it or not, I missed the day that I was scheduled for my interview, because there were some problems with our internet connection. Finally, when I read the mail on Friday, I tried to call the responsible and I sent an email to them. In this email I asked the responsible if I could come another day the embassy for the interview. But, I did not wait for a response, sooner on Monday morning I went to the Embassy for the interview. A few weeks later I receive an email from the responsible that told that I have nominated for the scholarship. Some people may not agree, but that is what God did for me, and He can do more than that in your life. It requires one thing belief in God’s power. So, I know that I do not have to worry about my future, because God is my future. He can do the same for you!

Monday, February 16, 2009


Some people say "Love is not something easy to share". The reason is, sometimes when people are in love, they are hurt or they are misunderstood. Those fact are good reasons for some people who do not want to engaged their life with someone else. Those persons pretend that things will soon become bad, so they do not want have any relationship. I think every man and woman should try to find a reason to live his or her life with love and happiness. I mean, a good reason to leave their bed early to go working, not exactly to earn money, to buy a big house, and to have wonderful vacation, but to earn enough to take care of his or her family. Then, before deciding to ask someone to be your boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancée, I think there are a lot of information a man or a girl should have on the person they are dating. Because marriage is something honorable, everyone should think twice before getting married. The information about your boyfriend or girlfriend are very important, but people still have to focus on more important things than appearance. I do not mean that you should not marry an handsome men or a beautiful girl. The person you want to marry to should have some quality, and you should have criteria to choose someone who you will share your life with. I think people should search for example sincerity, humility, hardworking, wisdom as quality, more than superficial stuff. When you decide to share your life with someone who is sincere, you do not have to be worry about what people could say or will say.Humility is one of the quality that make people very different and solves a lot of misunderstanding between husband and wife, because most of most time is caused by misunderstanding. Nowadays,no nobody wants to provide the everything in a family,an hardworking person is important to contribute in the family's needs.Also,if you are Christian you cannot decide to marry a pagan. Or if do not like people who smoke, to date someone who smoke, because he is handsome or she is beautiful. Love is important, because when someone is in love he or she can hope, even there is distance that separate each other. Without love, life seems nonsense. As far as I am concerned, I am in love with a girl in my country. Because, there are distance between us, we usually talk once or twice a day, specially on this day. I think my love and I are very lucky to meet each other and to share our love.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Population in France

This summary response, written on February 03, 2009, by Barbara is related to the increasing of the birth rate in France, and the reasons for this increasing. Barbara relates births, marriages, and incentives measures, as three factors that could influence the birth rate in France. Barbara concludes that in their country, they could control fertility if they want.

Nowadays, population growth is considered as a problem for the Less Developed Countries. In some countries, like France and Germany, which are More Developed Countries, the birth rate is low. Then, the Government tries to persuade people to have children. Why do they have such an attitude? The reason is first they are afraid of losing their culture, that is to say, their language, and their history. Second is the international role of France, in politics, and in economy. It is important for the French Government to encourage people to have children to avoid losing their culture, because culture is what makes a difference among nations. Each nation has his habits, and his way to clothe. The French are very proud of their fashion style. Another reason is the role of France in international politics and economy, because if they are no French, how can France continue to influence the international politics and markets?

In conclusion, it is important for France to increase its birth rate, first to avoid losing its culture, second to continue its international influence. Survival is important for nations to keep their influence in this world.

Read this article from http://spainbarbie.blogspot.com

Monday, February 9, 2009

Summary Response #2

Overpopulation, a real problem in LDCs

This article, written in the “Australian” on February 04, 2009, by Frank Furedi titled “New King Herods target babies as potential polluters”, is a plea for human life and concerns birth control in Britain, for which some people approve measures. The author compares Jonathon Porrit, who presides over the Sustainable Development Commission and is patron of the Optimum Population Trust, a Malthusian campaigning group, with King Herod. He states that Porrit has joined the new group of those who hate people and life, and he cites Barry Walters, an associate professor of obstetric medicine at the University of Western Australia, who believes that strict control on births per couple is necessary for the continued existence of the planet, and who also considers every newborn baby in Australia as a potential polluter, not only because of the emission of gas but also because of the utilization of the limited resources. The author disagrees with the idea of considering the reduction of gas produced by man much more important than man based on the importance different cultures all over history have granted to childbirth; and the consideration of having children as a blessing. The author also mentions Kelpie Wilson, one of the environmentalists, who argues in favor of abortion as a sacrifice to save the environment and preserve the future. In opposition to that consideration, the author refers to the ancient time and the Western society in the 21st century, which protects human life and takes care of newborn and helps old people extend their lives. Humanity’s progress is the source of environmental problems, and then decrease of the population is the solution. In the author’s view, such demand by Porrit to reduce families’ size in Britain is probably the first stage for the disappearance of the human race on the earth.

Nowadays population growth is considered as a problem, and then, reducing births is a controversial issue. Some people believe that reducing births is the solution for the rapid growth of the population, but others view birth control as an intrusion into their private life and freedom, or a violation of their spiritual beliefs. I disagree with abortion, which is one of the birth control methods, but I believe that birth control is necessary to slow population growth, particularly in the Less Developed Countries (LDCs), because the population growth causes health problems, it causes starvation, and it is source of joblessness.

Population growth causes health problems, because in the Less Developed Countries the number of physicians per inhabitant is low, the health care is poor, and then there are not enough physicians in the hospitals, and people cannot afford the cost of going to the private hospital and receiving the best health care for the reason that it is very expensive. The more children a couple has, the bigger its problems are in terms of health care. The main problem is that without a good health system, transmittable diseases such as tuberculosis and measles can cause a lot of death.

Population growth causes starvation, because most of the people do not have money to buy food, there is not a good social system to take of those persons who do not get a job, and most of the Less Developed Countries neither produce enough food to take care of the population, nor get enough money to import food to distribute to the population. Those who are really affected by the starvation are the children.

Population growth, particularly no control of birth, is a source of joblessness, because there are more people than the industries and the factories need. Even the well-educated people have to compete to get a job, so it is difficult to find a job, and most of the time people work as part time when they could get a full time job.

Finally, population growth first causes health problems, second causes starvation, and third causes joblessness. Babies are important to replace the people who die and to grow into labor force, but it is also important to be prepared for them.

Furedi, F. (2009, February 3). New King Herods target babies as potential polluters. The Australian . Retrieved on February 3, 2009, from http://www.frankfuredi.com/index.php/site/article/285/